Trail Information

Welcome to the GSC Trail information page!

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Rider safety tip;

a) Review a map of your route before you set out.

b) STAY TO THE RIGHT -all of GSCI Club Trails and some of the E108 TOP trails are TWO-WAY. West Forest Trails are Multi-USE trails. Most of the E108 TOP trails are ONE-WAY ONLY.


Trail Entry Points

GSCI Club Office Co-ord: 44.041638,-78.544192
Porter Rd. P6 Parking Lot Co-ord: 44.1022,-78.5577
Forest Center (Trailer Parking Lot) Co-ord: 44.073807,-78.499037
Carscadden Rd. WF9 Parking Lot Co-ord: 44.049936,-78.572142
Millbrook Entry Point Co-ord: 44.1498,-78.4458
Entry Point from Cartwright Trails Co-ord: 44.1302,-78.5308
Entry Point from Bewdley Co-ord: 44.0896,-78.3212


Trail Status
E108 east- 35/115 Tunnel To EF11 Top Trail – Groomed by Ganaraska SC Not Available
Club Trail- Glamorgan Rd west to 35/115- Groomed by Ganaraska SC Not Available
Club Trail Rail Bed Bethany To Lindsay- Groomed by Ganaraska SC Not Available
 E108 east- WF11 To EF13 Top Trail Not Available
 Top Trail E108 east/west- EF13 To County Rd 10 Not Available
Top Trail E108 east/west- County Rd 10 To Gilmour Rd (open field section) Not Available
Top Trail E108 east- Gilmour Rd To Bewdley Not Available
Top Trail E108 west- Bewdley to Gilmour Rd Not Available
 TOP Trail E108 west- EF13 To WF11 Not Available
 Club Trail Millbrook Feeder Not Available
 Club Trail Kendal Loop Not Available
 Club Trail Bethany Feeder Not Available
 Club Trail A Not Available
 Club Trail B Not Available
 Club Trail C Not Available
 Club Trail D Not Available
 Club Trail E Not Available
 Club Trail F Not Available
 Club Trail CF4- CF10 Cross Not Available
 Club Trail WF31 To WF67 Not Available
 Club Trail CF25 south To EF12 Not Available