Trail Information

Welcome to the GSC Trail information page!

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Rider safety tip;

a) Review a map of your route before you set out.

b) STAY TO THE RIGHT -all of GSCI Club Trails and some of the E108 TOP trails are TWO-WAY. West Forest Trails are Multi-USE trails. Most of the E108 TOP trails are ONE-WAY ONLY.


Trail Entry Points

GSCI Club Office Co-ord: 44.041638,-78.544192
Porter Rd. P6 Parking Lot Co-ord: 44.1022,-78.5577
Forest Center (Trailer Parking Lot) Co-ord: 44.073807,-78.499037
Carscadden Rd. WF9 Parking Lot Co-ord: 44.049936,-78.572142
Millbrook Entry Point Co-ord: 44.1498,-78.4458
Entry Point from Cartwright Trails Co-ord: 44.1302,-78.5308
Entry Point from Bewdley Co-ord: 44.0896,-78.3212


Trail Status
E108 east- 35/115 (Tunnel) To WF11 Top Trail (groomed by Ganaraska SC) Not Available
 E108 east- WF11 To EF13 Top Trail Not Available
 Top Trail E108 east/west- EF13 To County Rd 10 Not Available
Top Trail E108 east/west- County Rd 10 To Gilmour Rd (open field section) Not Available
Top Trail E108 east- Gilmour Rd To Bewdley Not Available
Top Trail E108 west- Bewdley to Gilmour Rd Not Available
 TOP Trail E108 west- EF13 To WF11 Not Available
 Club Trail Millbrook Feeder Not Available
 Club Trail Kendal Loop Not Available
 Club Trail Bethany Feeder Not Available
Cartwright Club Trail from GSCI trail to Lindsay (groomed by Ganaraska SC) Not Available
 Club Trail A Not Available
 Club Trail B Not Available
 Club Trail C Not Available
 Club Trail D Not Available
 Club Trail E Not Available
 Club Trail F Not Available
 Club Trail CF4- CF10 Cross Not Available
 Club Trail WF31 To WF67 Not Available
 Club Trail CF25 south To EF12 Not Available

Canteen is open Saturdays and Sundays between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm Starting January 7th, 2017. (You can find it on the map)