GSCI Takes Possession OF New Husky Groomer

14 Oct

new-2015-husky-groomerAt the end of last season, GSCI took possession of a new Husky groomer and drag provided by the OFSC. in return GSCI transferred its older 2007 6480 Massey and c/w its 10′ drag to the NE section of the district to be used by Center Hastings who in turn transferred their 2006 Trail Boss to Percy Boom River Rats who retired their 1999 Trail Boss.  This happened as a result of the OFSC’ overall groom fleet replacement program to upgrade the aging fleet. Last season each district in the 2016 season took possession of one new groomer in exchange of removing two older groomers from the fleet. The goal is also to align each groomer with approximately 100km of trails to groom or more and has set a target for District 3 of 15 groomers from last seasons total of 28. District 3 currently grooms just over 1,500km of networked trails. This season District 3 has reduced the fleet down by another four groomers to 21 and has set up a grooming committee to look at the grooming realignment. GSCI has agreed to grow its grooming area from its current 170Km, as well as provide emergency support to its adjoining clubs if and when they are in trouble. A recommendation by the committee will be presented to the District early in November.